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SCI Sharp Controls offers Continental Hydraulics and Duplomatic proportional and servo valves, Delta, Motion Controls, Parker SSD and MTS electro hydraulic motion control products, proportional and servo valves, feedback sensors, MTS linear displacement transducers, CEP single nozzel flapper, jet pipe design servos, and proportional D05, D06, and D08 valves, NoShok pressure transducers and all other motion control product needs for industrial, mobile and hazardous locations.



    Continental Hydraulics, Inc. offers a world class line up of precision proportional valves with matched digital electronics. Our proportional valves allow a smooth and precise control of the load. Available with or without integrated digital amplifiers. We offer directional control with or without onboard control, and spool position feedback, compensated flow control, pressure relief, pressure reducing, and electronic control modules. Other valves available include directional control, flow control, pressure control, and modular stack valve products. Sizes include NFPA D03 through D10 mount patterns with flows up to 290 GPM and pressures up to 5000 PSI. Both custom and standard valve manifold products in ductile iron and aluminum materials complete the variety of products necessary to control your hydraulic system.


    Duplomatic Oleodinamica offers a complete range of proportional valves: pressure control, flow control, directional, explosion-proof, high response. The various models are available with or without on-board electronic (OBE), feedback and in closed loop. Along with that, Duplomatic Oleodinamica offers many digital electronic cards to control proportional valves. Efficiency, speed, accuracy, repeatability and the chance to program the control are only some of the many benefits of introducing proportional technology on electro hydraulics applications. These valves, combined with the increasing potential of advanced electronics are able to address the needs of various application fields fitting each specific reality.


    Delta's RMC Series motion controllers include features such as synchronized moves, position-pressure or position-force control, and fast user programs provide higher throughput, improved quality and reduced machine wear and breakage through optimized control.  Our motion controllers include industrial hydraulic, pneumatic and electric closed loop control.  Position, velocity and pressure/force.  RMC75 (1-2 axis) provides more value for one and two axis applications, the RMC150 (2-8 axis) is a multi-axis motion controller line, and the RMC100 (2-8 axis) uses RMCWin for setup and programming.  The Legacy Controllers MMC, TMC, VMC, and MC are still serviced and available for sale to support existing designs.


    Motion Controls offers a new rod position sensing solution - QVLA which is patented non-touch technology.  Direct work piece connection, NFPA compatible.  IP67 3-pin M8 connector; PWR-GND Signal.   Internal, Century sensor life, designed in, not on. 

    Now available in:  non-NFPA D Series 1-3/4" bore to 4-1/2" bore and NFPA K Series 2" bore to 6" bore.


    MTS Sensors offers absolute, non-contact linear positiona nd liquid-level sensors including linear position sensors for industrial and light industrial applications, linear position sensors for mobile hydraulic applications.  The sensors offer analog output or dual output (position and velocity) with SSI, DeviceNet, CANbus, Profibus, Ethernet IP and Ethercat interface.  Different sensor models and options (multi-position measurement, redundant sensors, ATEX approval) meet every need - from high precision measurement to simple standard applications.  R-Series, G/GB Series, E-Series and C Series.  The position sensors for mobile hydraulics/machinery are specifically designed for direct stroke measurement in hydraulic cylinders.  Stroke lengths range from 50mm to 2500mm and outputs include CANbus, ISObus, J1939, scaled PWM and analog interfaces.  Model MH, Model MH5, Model MS, and Model MT.


    Parker offers a diverse selection of stepper motor drive and control products to meet customer application needs, with distribution services and product support worldwide. We design and manufacture a wide range of stepper drives and stepper drive/controllers, combining reliable, proven designs with innovative features like active damping, electronic viscosity and anti-resonance circuitry.   Parker stepper drives provide output resolutions from 200 to 128,000 steps/rev, operate from AC or DC power supplies and accept industry standard step/direction or analog command signals. Parker stepper drive/controllers offer a range of function levels, from basic position control to advanced multi-tasking motion and process control. Some of the advanced features include electronic CAMs, scaling, following, registration, closed-loop position maintenance and stall detection, plus Ethernet communications and fieldbus connectivity.


    Control Enterprises Inc. (CEI) offers proportional valves - standard and custom dead bands and output flows, no electronic card required for proportional control, low current.  CEI also offers servo valves - field interchangable pilots, spools, sleeves and pilot filters.  Cei's jet pipe servo valve is a single orifice jet pipe design which offers superior contamination tolerance for long life, low null leakage for higher system efficiencies, and high response for demanding applicatons.


    NoShok offers pressure measurement pressure transducers and transmitters for industrial, OEM, hazardous locations and sanitary.  The NoShok high accuracy heavy duty pressure transducers are designed for heavy duty applications requiring high accuracy and durability.  These are rugged corrosion resistant stainless stell construction offering excellent accuracy, shock resistance and long term reliability.   The electronic indicating pressure transmitter switch provides continuous pressure monitoring and allows programming of set points without applying pressure.

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    SCI Sharp Controls is your one source for electro hydraulic motion control products, proportional and servo valves for idustrial, mobile and hazardous location uses.  We offer all the major manufacturer's electro hydraulic motion control products, servo valves and proportional valves and accessories including Continental Hydraulics, Duplomatic, Delta, MTS, Motion Controls, CEI - Control Enterprises, NoShok and others.  If you don't see the product you are looking for please call us, if we don't have it in stock, chances are we can locate it for you.

    SCI Sharp Controls is a full service motion control product distributor.  See our complete offering at

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