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Linear Position Sensors from SCI

R Series Linear Position Sensors


R Series sensors feature the highest performance and reliability in magnetostrictive, linear-position sensors designed for advanced motion control applications.  With a variety of houseing styles (profile, rod, detached, IP69K) and electrical interfaces (SSI, industrial ethernet, profibus, analog) there is a sensor to fit most industrial machinery applications.

Optimum performance for industrial applications – this is what the Temposonics R-Series position sensors offer.  Temposonics magnetostrictive technology is maximized with powerful electronics and double-shielded construction that assures immunity against interference, resulting in a robust design that produces the highest accuracy measurements.

Model RH Rod style housing for use in cylinders

Stroke range:  25 to 7,620 mm (1 to 300 in.)


Model RP Profile style housing mounts on machine

Stroke range:  25 to 5,080 mm (1 to 200 in.)

Model RD4 Rod style housing with detached electronics


Ideal for use in clevis mounted cylinders.  Stroke range:  25 to 5,080 mm (1 to 200 in.)


Model RF Flexible rod housing


Allows installation in limited space.  Very long lengths available, coiled for shipping.  Stroke range: 250 to 10,060 mm (10 to 396 in.)