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Mobile Hydraulic Sensors from SCI

Model MT fully redundant in-cylinder mobile sensor


The Temposonics MT Model is fully redundant in-cylinder mobile hydraulic sensor with a variety of outputs including analog and CAN.  The MT can measure strokes from 2" to 59".

The Temposonics MH Series Model MT magnetostrictive redundant position sensor measures the absolute position of hydraulic cylinders. The model MT mobile hydraulic position sensor can be fully sealed and embedded in a cylinder which provides excellent protection against the environment and EMI and ensures a long operating life. The model MT contains two completely independent measuring systems for safety applications. The Model MT position sensor is designed for cylinders with a 2 inch and larger diameter. 

MH Series Model MT Linear Position Sensor

Stroke Length:  2" to 59"
Resolution:  12 bits (4096 steps)
Housing:  1.89"