Electro Hydraulic Motion Controls, Proportional and Servo Valves

Linear Position Sensors from SCI

G/GB Series Linear Position Sensors


G/GB series sensors are designed for backward compatibility to previous Temposonics products, but with the addition of built-in diagnostics, field programmability and upgraded performance.

G/GB-Series sensors feature a microprocessor-based design with enhanced diagnostics and programmability, offering the flexibility to fit a wide range of applications.  One of the primary benefits is the direct backward compatibility for retrofitting legacy sensor models.  G-Series sensors are available with analog outputs (voltage or current) or digital-pulse outputs (Start/Stop or PWM).

Model GH and GP rod style housing for use in cylinders

Analog Outputs:
50 to 2,540 mm
(2 to 100 in.)

Digital-Pulse Outputs:
50 to 7,620 mm
(2 to 300 in.)



Model GT dual or triple redundant

Analog Outputs Only
50 to 2900 mm (2 to 114 in.)


Model GTE dual redundant embeddable housing

Analog Outputs Only
50 to 2540 mm (2 to 100 in.)



Model GBS rod style for valve applications

Analog Outputs
25 to 3250 mm (1 to 128 in.)

SSI Outputs
25 to 3250 mm (1 to 128 in.)