Electro Hydraulic Motion Controls, Proportional and Servo Valves

Compensated Flow Control Valves from Continental Hydraulics



Sizes D03 and D05

Max Pressure 3600 PSI (250 bar)

Max Flow Rate 21 gpm (80 l/min)


EDF03M and EDF05M are direct operated normally closed proportional flow control valves with pressure compensation.  These valves are subplate mounted according to NFPA/T.3.5.1 R2-2002 and ISO 4401:2005 standards. These valves are used to regulate flow in a hydraulic circuit. Output flow is directly proportional to the input current to the solenoid.  The EDF valves can be used as either a restrictive (2 way) or bypass (3 way) flow control.  Restrictive compensators are typically used in circuits supplied by variable volume pumps. Block ‘P’ port of the subplate to use the valve as a restrictive compensator flow control.  Bypass compensators are typically used in circuits with fixed volume pumps. Connect ‘P’ port to the tank to use the valve as a bypass flow control.  T port in the manifold must always be plugged.