Electro Hydraulic Motion Controls, Proportional and Servo Valves

Servo Valves from CEI - Control Enterprises Inc.


Field interchangeable pilots, spools, sleeves, and pilot filters.



    • Flow Rates from 20-80 GPM
    • Custom Deadbands and Output Flows Available
    • Field Interchangeable Pilots, Spools, Sleeves, and Pilot Filters
    • Large Contamination Resistant Pilot Stage Passages
    • Standard Manual Override
    • Optional Intrinsically - Safe Coils - Bureau of Mines 1973
    • Standard "MS" Electrical Connector
    • All Servos Are Closed-Loop Electronically Controlled
    • NFPA D08 (Old D06) Mounting Configuration
    • 1.750 Port Circle for Replacement of MOOG "78" Series Valves and NFPA DO6 (Old DO3) Mounting Configurations
    • .875 Port Circle For Replacement of MOOG "62" Series Valves and NFPA DO5 (OldDO2) Mounting Configurations